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Frequently asked questions

I submitted my application online. How do I know you got it and what do I do next?

The moment you click 'submit', we’ve got it. Make sure you continue through the other pre-hire documents. If you are not sure there were additional documents, CLICK HERE   to learn where to find them. The next step is an HR representative will evaluate your submission and may invite you to the next step in the hiring process. Watch your e-mail!

I forgot my password.

From the careers home page, select 'Forgot Password?" link. Enter the email address you used when you applied and the system will send you an email with password reset instructions. Follow the instructions in the email to log back in.

Didn't receive an email? Please check your junk mail or spam folder.


I submitted my application a few months ago and some of my information has changed. Can I update my profile?

Yes and no. When you submit an application, you are submitting it for a specific position.  At that time, the data that you entered was stored in our database.  While you can't make modifications to an application that has already been submitted, you can reapply and at that time you will be asked to correct any of the data which we have stored. 


May I simply come in and submit my resume?

No.  If you stop by, we'll have a computer set up for you to enter your application and to go through the various steps in our process.


May I have someone else complete my application? 

If you need someone's help to complete the application, that's up to you.  But bear in mind that when you sign the application (by entering your password), you are swearing that the information was provided by you and you have read the disclaimer.  Your digital signature is as legally binding as your physical signature. 

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